First Three Songs from My New Album, Lógica Contradicción

I am Clara Vélez, author of the music on this site. I hope you like hanging out here with me where you can enjoy my new songs. On the Music page of this site, you will see and hear parts of the first three songs from my new album “Lógica Contradicción”.

We have plans to add each new song to this site as we master them until the whole album is posted. You can also check back here for concert scheduling. As soon as new concerts are booked, I will be posting them here. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to tell me what you think about the music in the response area below, I’d love to hear from you.

Much Love, Clara

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2 Responses to First Three Songs from My New Album, Lógica Contradicción

  1. Adriana Jaramillo says:

    Espectacular!!!!! Se me puso la piel de gallina cuando escuche VENTANA AL SOL, revivio esos momentos maravillosos cuando estaba esperando mi hijo Pablo.
    Ya soy una de tus fieles fanaticas.

    • Clara Vélez says:

      Qué comentario tan lindo Adriana!!! Muchas gracias!! Ya el álbum está listo, cuando tenga la fecha del lanzamiento te aviso!!

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